Month: July 2017

Teach you how to write popular soft text two soft Wen also want to size up the situation

in a soft tutorial, my article is honored to be reviled, but this does not matter, a person, not afraid of people not afraid to scold, scold. But at the same time, there are more people reprinted my article, but also someone plus my QQ asking for advice, how to write the soft text?. These are also the positive, here I would like to thank those who criticize me, my advice, my colleagues, you give me to the power of writing:) well, we come today. Writing should also assess the situation.

before this topic, if everyone is not too tight, you can go to my A5 space to see, my article, in general, there are still many have been recommended by A5. You can say that I write it? Of course not, in reality, people are writing than Jin Yong much more to go, but they may have a Jin Yong score? Of course not. The success or failure of the soft text, in fact, with the style of writing is not too much relationship, unless your writing ability is really bad, words are not clear. Like the reality of stuttering, let people listen to all don’t know, it’s different. However, such people are still in the minority. Scientists have statistics, people around the world are almost smart, so writing, in fact, we are almost the same, at least can say what you want to say clearly. Unless people can engage in literary works, Shi Jian cited this, these we are not match. read more

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Simple skills quickly improve your online sales


install an analysis and statistics tool. If you don’t want to spend money, you can use Google Analytics.

set up pages that you need to track the conversion rate, and from the analysis tools you’ll often see keywords that spend money but have little effect. Cut out!


some key words with high conversion rate, you should refer to it and let it expand more keywords. Sometimes some customers come in from unexpected places. And as much as possible to optimize your product page, so that customers shopping more comfortable, read more

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Wang Yihui what does the website operation optimize do and how to do (1)

operations optimization major responsibilities

website optimization (WOO) Responsibilities: to optimize the website, website operation status of the core competitiveness, increasing website brand continues to consolidate, and continuously improve the website profit as the goal, according to the market, and the actual situation of the user site investigation, analysis and steps, link planning scheme the site contains, strategic positioning and consolidation, development strategy, website style, image, ease of use and the standardization of design standards and optimization, standardization for website operation process development and optimization, web site development and optimization strategy formulation, formulation and optimization of website marketing strategy, planning and optimization of website operation data analysis the focus of the work and website operation, monitoring and optimization of the user experience, site monitoring and optimization of public image and reputation marketing strategy Formulation and optimization. read more

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Personal webmaster forum (fourth) primary don’t go detours

personal webmaster classroom (fourth records)

Lecturer: cat (Li Zhibin)

hosts: Wang Xuedong,

Wang Xuedong

friends Zhanyou delighted everyone to participate in the fourth phase of stationmaster forum we now do stand in the process of what problems you can submit questions to me I can only answer questions in the process of forwarding people can communicate with the teacher to thank

for everyone

Wang Xuedong

love life


Hello, I’d like to talk to my teacher,

keyword, Baidu ranking recently did not, and generally what causes, how to restore rankings? Thank you read more

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Professor Zhu Zerong explains instant writing income and soft text skills

Mr. Zhu Zerong:

· in 1996 to work in a Chinese 500 strong enterprises, longtime propaganda cadres, for many years was the first prize business correspondent, who participated in the July 1997 January garrison military manufacturing, October 1, 1999 National Day parade type military vehicle manufacturing.

· early in the "Economic Daily", "enterprise management", "business", "Chinese China training", "Shaanxi daily", "information", "Northwest heavy vehicle", "Shaanxi Automotive News" and other media published more than 400 articles. read more

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New media operations must read! Brands may be penalized for tearing publicly on micro-blog!

Sina micro-blog is responsible for enterprise micro-blog operating official accounts @ enterprise micro-blog assistant recently released two new regulations". Later, the marketing account (including all enterprises blue V account) need to register the operation of the main body, while launching marketing planning activities at micro-blog platform, you need to register. Can’t play any more,


recently, the two thing for Sina micro-blog’s "touch", one is the Shenzhou car #beatU# event marketing, the other is the video UNIQLO, that day, because of too much influence, together with sina Tencent together network information office, please go to the "tea" and the Shenzhou car tear forced the case of Uber, although it is considered too low, but many people regarded as a classic "". read more

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Ice website profit not fast virtuous cycle to achieve long-term profitability

profit is the foundation of website survival, only website profit, website can grow better and stronger. In order to profit, some Adsense will be badly battered, even at the expense of money and time. Always want to achieve the goal of website profit in the fastest time. If you run a website, want to allow the website to form a virtuous circle, and realize long-term profit target, some anxious mentality and behavior is not advisable. My opinion is as follows:

1, website construction is not quick; a website from conception to construction completed, should be a long process, although there are inspiration, interest and other elements inside, but website construction or long-term plan. read more

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Give novice webmaster friends a little advice

just built the site to a friend some advice, just set up a development, what are not poor and blank. No member, no visitor. A lot of people just think of the advertising, but in fact it will affect the development of the site. A website set up after a good if there is no useful things even if there are a lot of people visit will not retain people, so for the beginners a little suggestion, that is in your forum just a good time to yourself to the contents of perfect, enrich, so that others see you the site will likely come again. read more

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Analysis of operation mode and profit making point of tourism websites

although the domestic e-commerce is not mature, the domestic well-known e-commerce site inventory down only a few, others are numerous underlings. In the face of the domestic electronic commerce causes immature is mainly reflected as the problem of trust, some small sites are mostly produced in the line which is the main reason, of course, tourism website is also so, here is some conceptual problems, which not only for travel website.

either travel or other sites worth mentioning, is the three model contour of Electronic Commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C) in the walk, use a word to introduce is to sell again! That is to sell products, sell and service, selling information. Of course you can serve as a product is better, in fact for electronic commerce, service is of course products, why should the service as a product, is to let you have a clear idea in mind, imagine you are a beach hawkers, you are a salesman at a shopping mall. How are you going to grasp the psychology of the buyer. It can be said that now the tourism industry is very promising, but according to statistics, through the online booking travel really, the ratio does not exceed 3%, but understanding a spot through the Internet, and then call to consult a travel agency, in the proportion of 46%, and the 37%, and how many people put it into read more

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Analysis of small and medium enterprises website optimization breakthrough

website optimization in previous years for the enterprise website is very strange, but in recent years has become a modern enterprise network marketing, the key battlefield second market, but now many enterprises easily in website optimization into misunderstanding, leading to small and medium enterprises invested tremendous effort and cost, but not up to expectations, caused by the key problem is to find such a just perfect breakthrough, is to optimize the small and medium-sized enterprise website just to find a breakthrough, then the optimization effect is created, then the breakthrough of small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization where read more

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Common likelihood analysis of websites after K

, a website cheating, many owners in order to improve the website ranking, often add some irrelevant or long tail keywords, in order to deceive the search engine to get short-term traction flow, the flow is good, but in order to site long don’t do it, you want to know the current search lot is made of artificial management. Do good also can not escape the eyes of these men, do not despise the search.


server, server reason is very important, the server is one of the site’s infrastructure, in the selection process of the server, try to find a relatively large, relatively good reputation, do not covet a small profit, and cheap, the server is not stable, the search engine spider crawled in and update the website, if not a normal visit, serious influence ranking, the website will be K. read more

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Five skills to rapidly improve enterprise website conversion rate

with the rapid development of the Internet, many enterprises have joined the network marketing industry, but many companies do have a promotion, found that although the site has the flow, eventually transformed into effective customer less, site 99% flow are lost, improve the site conversion rate has become one of the most difficult a lot of problems in the enterprise website promotion, so the author for you to explain how to improve the site conversion rate.

first, to set up a good image of the enterprise, to save the credibility of the enterprise website crisis read more

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College students to open a studio to earn 200 thousand

now, many college students in the absence of graduation began to make use of their leisure time to start a business, one can accumulate experience, and secondly to earn pocket money. Today Xiaobian to tell you the story of entrepreneurship, is a college student in the entrepreneurial story, college students to start a movie studio, six months earned 200 thousand, let’s take a look at it!

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Green forest mentality determines the success or failure of the site

with the development of network, more popular Wangzhuan Wangzhuan wind, also become tens of millions, by what type of profitable industry is eager to emerge in an endless stream. Now, do stand is be nothing difficult, follow the trend of numbness become a scenery line, then do we know the competition is fierce, cruel and ruthless network.

then, for novices, new sites, it should be in what mentality, it becomes important to face.

1, put the mindset, do not numb, follow the trend of

do stand, for a webmaster, mentality determines the success or failure of the site key. A good state of mind is more important than anything else. If you do stand just by the head of a fever, temporary interest, I advise friends or do not do well, both waste energy, but also waste time, but also worth the candle, it is not worth it. It is better to spend more time at work than that. Good. Don’t numb to follow suit, do not see who do what make money, oneself also do such a station, people is the old station, a new station where you are his opponent, you want to stand in the corner is easier said than done place, you said a novice, nothing to what, can go to fight it so, don’t numb? Follow suit, should do a out of the ordinary station, suitable for their own professional station, station, in order to gain a foothold in the ranks on the webmaster. read more

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Know how to complete the C round of financing, Q & a community story how to say

today, there are media reports and answers community know peace has been completed C round of financing, financing amounting to tens of millions of dollars, this round of financing in addition to the introduction of new foreign investment, or the original shareholder Saif, innovation works have to vote. After this round of financing, known valuation of 3 to 400 million U. s.dollars.

it is worth noting that there are media reports, the lead investor of Tencent, also known almost no formal response to this message, if the message is true, it means that the largest Q & a community in BAT camp stand the problem of choosing the Tencent. read more

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How to deal with jewelry store security

for jewelry store operators, shop safety is the top priority. At the end of the year, there will be an increase in the number of criminal cases in the jewelry store and how the jewelry store should be provided with the knowledge that every jewelry store operator and shop staff must possess.

, a sense of responsibility and safety awareness

in the jewelry store safety accidents taking place, there are more than 80% due to Sales Consultant (Sales) of the safety consciousness and the sense of responsibility is not strong in the. Especially the new jewelry store, liars and thieves are generally looking for opportunities for new shopping malls repeatedly Caidian, and the newly opened shop the most attention. They entered the store can see what is experienced, those who be negligent. Our employees have their own carelessness and omissions so that criminals have an opportunity. Therefore, we should always be vigilant jewelry sales consultant, from opening to closing, always have a sense of security. read more

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IT Longmen array little net Xu Xu Tan talk about Internet community Entrepreneurship

[TechWeb reported] April 13th news, the evening of April 12th, dot network CEO Xu Zhaojun guest 124th phase IT Longmen array, explore the Internet community entrepreneurship. Point net is light blog, light blog is what kind of model? And micro-blog what are different? In the Internet community entrepreneurship, what experience share? Xu Zhaojun in Longmen IT array scene to answer, and and net friend interaction.

theme: Internet community entrepreneurship

Speaker: CEO

little Xu Zhaojun

host: TechWeb, Sina Technology, read more

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How do you design a successful website

how to design a successful website, has been a lot of web design thinking and the pursuit of the website design consideration is indeed a lot, from the pre planning, requirement analysis, data processing and program debugging, and then to the final release, modify… A series of process, makes designers feel very headache, if you make a high degree of user experience of the website, correctly grasp the needs of the site, I speak a little bit of my own humble opinions below! Hope to share with you read more

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Local websites should be user oriented

with the Hefei forum leveraging Nanjing 365 net listing, more and more webmasters put their eyes on the local website. Some people say, do local websites need a good program; some people say, do local websites need a lot of money; I don’t think that is wrong, but today I want to say is "local website with user demand oriented website". Personal opinion, please Paizhuan dub.

one, the purpose of making local websites

is the majority of owners saw the 19 floor, long lane local website hot, a head, I also do one, in fact you are not deliberate. read more

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Enhance website stickiness, should proceed from details, can not take the road of speculation

website stickiness are often able to determine whether a website can succeed, if you lose stickiness, you will lose the soul of the website, without the user’s attention is, in any case can not obtain the profits, so now the webmaster circle, set off another round of promotion website stickiness movement, and experts many Internet websites also summed up a lot of viscosity methods and techniques, but these methods and techniques, although the extent of the site of great help, but guidance more than once in practice, in theory, it is difficult to go out, and it is difficult to successfully come out, and even to the opposite of success by the way, opportunistic, do superficial, but can not withstand scrutiny, so the author thinks that, in order to improve the site sticky, or should go fine The road of the festival, the road of practice, read more

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