Month: March 2017

Xining North Village community won the national science demonstration community title

recently, in Chinese Association, the Ministry of Finance jointly implement the grassroots science plan of action "activities in Chengbei District of Xining City Subdistrict Office Mafang village community on the list, won the 2013 national science demonstration communities" title, becoming the only award of the community in Xining area. A total of 500 communities were awarded the title.

village community from 2008 to 2012 the creation of community college science, every year for a period of 8 month course attracted many residents of the area, to establish a science organization a nearly two hundred volunteers, set up science activities Station, organize annual training, lectures, consulting, photography exhibition and science popularization activity concentrated more than 10 (time), all kinds of science issued more than 4000 copies of promotional materials, special funds invested and built a "science population culture courtyard, science cultural wall, the popularization of scientific knowledge propaganda poster. read more

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Xining radio and television broadcasting business to achieve two separate

Xining radio and television actively explore the reform of propaganda and operation of the two separate ways, both to ensure that the party’s leadership of the news and propaganda, but also to seek the cause of the development of radio and television industry and the development of new models.

according to the national "network platform" spirit, Xining radio and television network took the lead in the propaganda business and business operations were stripped and integration. Subsequently, Xining TV will promote business and advertising business stripped, cancel the original columns bear the advertising task, the incorporation of the advertising media company, unified undertake all advertising business. Xining people’s broadcasting station three sets of frequency of the advertising business has also been market-oriented operation. read more

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Provincial CPPCC held a new year party yesterday

12 30, the provincial CPPCC held a new year party. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended and spoke. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee and attend religious pema. Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee presided over the green.

Wang Guosheng on behalf of the CPC Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial people’s government, the democratic parties and personages without party affiliation and people’s organizations to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the green, to the people’s Liberation Army, armed police officers and public security policemen, all to support the development of Qinghai’s friends, sincere greetings and best wishes for the new year. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to strengthen the supervision of rural food market

Xining City, the East Branch of

Industrial and Commercial Bureau in "rural village, promote investigation, household cleaning" as the theme of food safety supervision in rural areas, to strengthen publicity, strengthen supervision and inspection in place, and other measures to check the cleaning, to standardize the operation, strengthen the cable card tickets and two single system specification implementation, ensure the rural food market regulation in place, no problem. For the large area of Park Hill, Lin Jiaya, such as the rural market even rhyme ieguchi store prominent characteristics, guide the Education operators jointly participate in supervision, to start the first responsibility, consciously resist and resist substandard food into the rural market, consciously good food purchase. From the investigation subject, inspection certificate, check the food with further paving face-to-face lectures, hands-on assistance, on-site standardized bills fill, binding, display, strengthen the food invoice system to implement, regulate food display, ensure food source, to Xiang Ming, the channel is truly a check a standard, a standard, a drive. Supervision and inspection teams at the same time conduct supervision and inspection of the problems found in the inspection, on-site correction, rectification on the spot. read more

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Registered express company has 43

reporter from the office of the provincial government information office recently learned that the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Qinghai were selected to analyze countryside project implementation survey carried out in five counties in our province express Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Tongren, Republic of. The survey results show that, at present, in the province postal administration for registration with the operating license of the express company 43, private express enterprises have developed rapidly, the courier business volume of postal and private enterprises abroad have presented the "two world" pattern. read more

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Statistics show that Xining real estate sales decline

According to the Municipal Bureau of statistics data show that in the first 10 months of this year, the city’s real estate development investment growth was steady upward trend. At present, the public sentiment is still relatively strong, this year, commercial housing sales continued to slump.

1-10 months, the city completed 14 billion 226 million yuan investment in real estate development, an increase of 30.78%. Of which: residential investment 10 billion 492 million yuan, an increase of 66.88%; office building completed investment of 223 million yuan, down 35.90%; business premises completed investment of 2 billion 85 million yuan, down 8.81%; other housing investment 1 billion 426 million yuan, down 27.09%. This year, the new construction area of 6 million 47 thousand and 600 square meters, an increase of 75.53%, of which residential new construction area of 4 million 685 thousand square meters, an increase of 65.43%. read more

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Xining City Health Bureau held a regular meeting of maternal and child health

March 4th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau organized the first quarter of 2011, MCH work meeting, city centre for maternal and child health, maternal and child three County District Four Baojian Railway Station responsible person 16 people attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the deputy director of the municipal maternal and child health center Xu Guangsheng.
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Sen pull up Xining green ecological security

Window see green, look up to see green, everywhere is green, let the city embrace the green. From the beginning of the 1950s "Qinghai mountain no grass, to create a successful" Chinese excellent tourism city "," national garden city "," National Model Green City, change a breathtaking and exciting place!

key project, create a plateau characteristics of Forest City

25 years, North and south mountain forest coverage rate increased by nearly 70%

each planted a tree, each with a green, is much more difficult than in low altitude areas, participate in the greening of nearly ten million, in the steep mountain, drought, barren saline conditions, to overcome the difficulties, creating ecological achievements attracted worldwide attention. Over the past 25 years, the northern and southern mountains forest coverage increased from 7.2% to 75%, becoming a model of urban ecological construction in our province, and won the China Habitat environment award". Two mountain greening a total area of 230 thousand acres, planting high 20 million seedlings, the initial formation of the native conifer, montane forest, coniferous shrub combination, constitute a large-scale city landscape and green barrier, is a solid foundation for the creation of Xining forest city, to create a livable city.

the benefit of the public, the ecological corridor of wetland park landscape change

has built a 32 km stretch of green ecological corridor in the city core area of land, for the benefit of the people of the city. Our city in accordance with the "forest of color", "rhyme forest" and "forest source", "forest water" four forest theme, the implementation of the airport high speed along the comprehensive regulation of the environment landscape greening projects, on the basis of "area, four pieces, six zone" layout built a beautiful garden in Xining beishan;
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The summer cultural tourism with stranger

Watch excellent historical repertoire, experience a variety of local activities, indulge in the local flavor of the rich peasant paradise. Since the summer of this year, our city mining local characteristics of cultural tourism resources, cultural tourism to create a boutique Road, a total of 220 thousand tourists through various cultural activities, feel the cool summer.

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Twenty miles to enhance the level of construction to create a civilized city

is to promote the creation of the national civilized city work, to further improve the town civilization level, for the masses to travel to create a civilized, smooth, harmonious and orderly living environment, increase supervision efforts recently, a city, a city of twenty in the town leading group of positive action, deep Zhen Quan Bay community, Biological Park community a city rectification work supervision.
two of the town community director supervision group for the recent progress in a city special work report: a biological park community around the "traffic civilization" and "civilized" and "civilization", "civilized service" a city main line, actively safeguard public facilities, clean sanitation, do road work clean the street greening waste, special rectification Jeeves, private pull random construction, vehicles can not be placed neatly and tying blind and other undesirable phenomena, and promote the work of a city community, and primary school students in the biological park launched a quiet square on "create a national civilized city building harmonious family circle", "a little knowledge of the city", "Chong leesons instrument, Lide slim" and so on more than 1000 copies of brochures, called on the public to actively participate in the work to create a civilized city ". Two is the Spring Bay community actively carry out rectification work: recent clean-up construction waste 30 tons, 3 tons of garbage, garbage corner 2; hanging in the remediation within the scope of a city, to the area of banner 2 units issued a city brochure 150 copies, 100 copies of the volunteer service posters posted no smoking sign more than 25. Good; Qinghai University, Mo Jia Zhuang surrounding environment special rectification work. Town inspection group listened to the work report of the director of the community, then the field view of community environment, community environment of the two groups of inspectors affirmed, pointed out: the Biological Park community still exists residents throw garbage dump, shops waste and swill phenomenon; liquidity traders do not all management; new residential common building more garbage phenomenon. Bay Bay community area of three shops in front of the poor sanitation.
on the above problems the community staff should actively coordinate, and continue to intensify rectification and improvement work, effective measures to implement the rectification, the implementation of re implementation, consolidate the existing achievements, overcome difficulties, to ensure the success of a city. read more

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Provincial government held an executive meeting

5 23, governor Hao Peng chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government, listen to the 2016 "Green Fair preparations for the report, listen to the food and drug safety supervision work report, the implementation of the opinion research to promote real estate to inventory.

the meeting pointed out that through the "13th Five-Year" the first year of the "Green Fair", to show the image of Qinghai, the expansion of private investment, the release of the reform effect, promote economic quality and efficiency and accelerate the transformation and upgrading, has very important significance to build our province a new pattern of all-round opening. This year’s "Green Fair" to further highlight the "open cooperation, green development" theme, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, focusing on promoting the supply side structural reform, the depth into the "The Belt and Road", highlighting the new technologies, new industries, new formats, new mode, to promote multi-level exchanges and cooperation and continuously improve investment project signing rate, performance rate, operating rate, the funds rate, to better gather to boost economic and social development factors, stable and healthy development. The meeting stressed that the current "Green Fair preparations to enter the final stage, all localities and units and related enterprises to further strengthen the leadership, refinement responsibility, inverted time, attention to detail, make the project investment, activity organization, exhibition, promotion and other preparatory work, to ensure that the" Green Fair "success. read more

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The winter solstice is strong.

December 22nd, is one of the traditional twenty-four solar terms of the winter solstice, but also coincides with the "foreign festival" Christmas approaching. The reporter saw in the streets of Xining, and highlight the rich merchants celebrate Christmas atmosphere. But more and more people take the winter solstice as a festival. In the contest between Christmas and winter solstice, the winter solstice is more full of warm human touch, welcomed by the people.

"winter solstice dumplings" has become the education of young people, the elderly parents to educate their children to receive the traditional folk culture and knowledge of the way the twenty-four solar term. "After the winter solstice, the days become longer and longer." Many parents teach their children to make dumplings while telling them about the winter solstice. A lot of people regard the winter solstice as a home for the elderly in the festival, bought a meat dish to see the old man, dumplings, homely, enjoyable. The children when eating dumplings, from parents, from the grandparents know after the winter solstice, enter "19" know "cold hot dog day in 39," the civil claim.

Christmas allows businesses to make a lot of money read more

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Xining airport transfer service business launch

in order to save passengers transfer flight fares and convenient passenger travel choice in the initial station, Xining airport launched connecting service. Get the service of a total of two, one is with domestic airlines "one vote in the end" transit business, the other is a different airline transit, connection time of not less than 60 minutes. The service in terms of flight fares, compared to a stop to be much lower, but also effectively solve the regional restrictions on routes and voyages. read more

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Xining invitation sent more than one thousand a day

In the summer scenery Postcard scenery of Xining on the invitation to write their own language, and sent to their friends and family, and invite them to visit, the common feeling of great beauty Qinghai, cool summer". 16 in the "I sent you to Xining" exhibition, a day’s time sent out more than 1 thousand postcards.

in southern Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall A "I send you to Xining" exhibition, the shelves placed neatly printed postcards with scenic spots in our city, people have chosen here, and write the postcard greetings will deeply put next to the letter in the mailbox. Reporters saw this card, one side is Xining scenic beauty, the other side full of people wanted to say to the left as well as the scenic introduction, text and pictures of Xining tourism is more intuitive to show in front of foreign friends. read more

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Datong County wage software management system training courses

In order to improve the

Datong salary management staff working ability, accelerate the county institutions wages management informationization, information management as soon as possible to achieve the county’s salary management, salary adjustment, retired personnel examination and approval work, improve work efficiency and quality. August 31st, according to the requirements of the Xining municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the organization of the county’s 51 staff organized by the county government institutions wage software management system business training courses. read more

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Hundreds of people in the city to achieve entrepreneurial dream

free office, financial incentives, expert guidance, able to graduate in a year to start a business, do a lot of business, thanks to the city of mutual aid college students entrepreneurial incubation base." January 7th, graduated from the National University of Qinghai, Zhou Bo, said he was in the urban areas of mutual aid college students entrepreneurial incubator base when successful entrepreneurs say.

according to the city Bureau of Employment Bureau Zhao Jun introduced since the establishment of the base, a total of 13 settled in the enterprise, the current incubator base in the incubation of the enterprise 7, driven by hundreds of people. It is understood that in order to ensure that business incubators play a better role, Chengzhong district to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship, employment, entrepreneurship and actively implement preferential policies to encourage college graduates into the incubator business, enjoy the venue rental subsidies, one-time start-up subsidies, tax relief, provision of small loans etc.. As long as there is a qualified entrepreneurial students as long as there is a good entrepreneurial projects and access to recognition, you can get a business incubator base one-stop support. In addition, the district also strengthen follow-up services, regular visits to college students to understand the entrepreneurial situation, do a good job tracking guidance services to help solve the difficulties encountered in the production and management process. The next step, the area will be more students and provide risk protection, to create a safe, fair and equitable business environment, and set up a special operations team and the group of experts, and guide the assessment of entrepreneurial process, perfect the corresponding preferential measures to attract more students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. read more

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50 bus routes in a timely manner to adjust

today is the Lantern Festival once a year, in order to facilitate the public Shangding travel, the city traffic police detachment in today on a number of road traffic control, according to traffic control requirements, Municipal Transportation Bureau of transportation combined with operation of bus lines, 46 bus lines to downtown and 4 rapid transit lines to adjust, hope people see the adjustment line, do not take the wrong bus. Specific adjustment route is as follows: 1
: East – train station, Qinghai Tibet railway company, 71 Road, Qinghai daily, eleven, Qilian Road, Fairview Jiangnan. North Park, turn north apricot – biological.
3 Road: Nanchuan Industrial Park, Nanchuan Road, Nanshan Road, China Zijin City turn.
4 road: tool factory, a machine, salt, Ma Fang Zhuang, the original two, Huangchuan (Haiyan Road extension).
6 Road: Taiwan, North – North Garden Xingyuan u-turn. South – Wanganui Home Furnishing Expo Center, 54 West Water school, turn left at the two original Huangchuan (Haiyan Road extension).
9 Road: – east train station, the Qinghai Tibet railway company, 71 Road, Qinghai daily, provincial Party school, Xing Hai Lu Xikou u-turn. West – Huangchuan middle school, Wenhui school, 54 West Water Street intersection, turn left at the two original Huangchuan (Haiyan extension sections).
10 road: – East Economic Development Zone, Kaiyuan Road, Bayi Road, 71 Road extension harbor u-turn.
11 road: the train station, Qilian Road, Fairview Jiangnan. The northern section of Qinghai University, Zhang Ning Road, North Park turn.
12 Road: shopping malls, Nanchuan GA Zhuang, the Armed Police Corps, brick road, Shangri-La.
14 Road: wild zoo, Sea Lake Road, 54 West Road, turn left at the two original Huangchuan (Haiyan Road extension).
17 Road: Hui City, Nanshan Road, Nanzenji harbour u-turn.
21 Road: Delingha Road, China Zijin City, summer street, Nanshan Road, Nanzenji harbour u-turn.
22 Road: – east train station, the Qinghai Tibet railway company, 71 Road, Qinghai daily, provincial Party school, Xing Hai Lu Xikou u-turn. West – Wanganui Home Furnishing Expo Center, 54 West Water school, turn left at the two original Huangchuan (Haiyan Road extension).
24 Road: Hui City, Nanshan Road, Nanzenji harbour u-turn.
26 Road: Huang Zhuang, Ma Fang, salt water, the original two, Huangchuan (Haiyan Road extension).
30 Road: Kangle hospital, Delingha, South china; read more

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How about Hot and Sour Rice Noodles market prospects

Xiaobian asked the most questions are: what kind of investment projects are more suitable for our group of no investment costs, can not afford any investment risk? What is the project can meet their own small business to make money, Xiaobian to tell you the truth, I do not know what the project you can meet these requirements, but I know what type of food and beverage industry projects, have, maybe you can find a similar.

what to do less investment is also the most money to do what is the most relaxed but the most popular in the hearts of each franchisee will have such a plan. Now is not a western fast food to join the popular era, Chinese fast food has long played a piece of his own world. Chinese, or the Chinese the most delicious! So Hot and Sour Rice Noodles prospects how to join read more

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7 train stations will be adjusted

Reporter in December 20th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, according to the unified deployment of China railway company, 28 this month at 0:00 on the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will implement a new train schedule, and 7 passenger trains stop adjustment.It is reported that the

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