Month: February 2017

Internet association personal website source of income atrophy

          Hu Yanping, director and director of the center for communication and development of the Internet society, said that personal websites are generally facing the problem of shortage of funds and market expansion. He said that in 2006 the source of personal website revenue has been a serious decline, but let each site to look for venture capital is not realistic, so this year will be turned from the scale of the expansion of the pursuit of actual profits.

      income source atrophy read more

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The United States online stores 70 percent off mobile phone grab Raiders special purchases for the S

after the New Year celebration of the huge benefits, Gome online set off panic buying frenzy of new special purchases for the Spring Festival. It is reported that the Spring Festival is approaching the United States online to "in together" as the theme, advance open open on 36 day of the new year special session, from the beginning of January 10th, the United States launched online grab Raiders special purchases for the Spring Festival "activities, for the consumer to offer portrait value huge benefit of special purchases for the Spring Festival panic buying read more

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Wanda electricity supplier second CEO leave Wang Jianlin electricity supplier dream hanging

Sina Technology Yang Yang

Wanda electricity supplier CEO and then leave, and this is about a month from his entry was only one year.

last night, Wanda electricity supplier CEO Dong told sina science and technology in June 3rd has officially discharged from Wanda electricity supplier, will go to Australia to take care of their families. When it comes to the reasons for leaving Wanda electricity supplier, Dong policy to collect the phone on the grounds of the meeting.

from 2012 to date, Wanda electricity supplier development has been three years. In addition to the newly established 2 million annual salary to recruit electricity supplier talent, as well as the establishment of a new joint venture last year, Baidu electricity supplier company, Wanda electricity supplier this standard rich two generation, most of the news is that personnel changes. read more

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The leading online pharmacies, pharmacists well deserved

recently, many people said difficult, long queues to hang to the hospital, expert outpatient service is even more difficult. As long as people are willing to go to a minor illness, buying medicines. With the rapid development of the times, online pharmacies turned out, the traditional way of electronic commerce by the pharmaceutical industry to provide more convenience for the general public. It is understood that the number of online pharmacies innumerable, uneven quality and strength, it is difficult to distinguish the people blame pharmacy professional degree and credibility. Recently, many netizens recommend, if you selected the leading online pharmacies, pharmacists ( is well deserved. read more

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B2C popular shopping search will launch a new round of fierce competition

not long ago, the white house fan food production enterprises China time-honored established its official online store – the White House Food City, began to be convenient vermicelli, seasonings, Sichuan Sichuan snacks are sold online; almost at the same time, on the other end of the earth’s General Motors Corporation announced a partnership with eBay to launch an online car service. I believe only B2C will have such a large "tolerance", can be sold in grocery stores and fans displayed in the 4S store are all housed in the luxury car platform. read more

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The idea of making money online

I’m here as a passerby to say something to you:

called the network to make money, simply refers to the network work to make money!

1 is now the most obvious thing is to open a shop selling things on Taobao.

if you opened two years ago, and has been in business, now at least two thousand months! (my classmate opened a shop for three years, now nearly twenty thousand yuan a month!) said that Taobao set up shop, still do not? If you do not have a large wholesale market around, you want to do this now hard! You have no credit, you supply a two point advantage no, you think there may be some opportunities to sell books!! however, if you have more time, I still recommend a registered Taobao, the Alipay tool that it is very easy to use, send money without fee, and secondly, can buy something! I have the opportunity to put a little, you don’t want to sell, perhaps to find business opportunities! 2 do a website, and then apply for a few ads to do. (that’s what I do) read more

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The Amazon growth rate comparable to apple but failed to profit growth

Tencent science and technology news (Lin Jingdong) Beijing time on December 10th news, according to foreign media reports, in recent years, the earnings of Amazon shareholders, the Amazon’s long-term return on investment is second only to apple. But Amazon is not apple, at least it is not as good as apple in a key index, that is, profits can not continue to grow.

Amazon investors seem to be aware of this fact soon, because Amazon’s recent earnings report shows that it failed to achieve profit targets in the last quarter. Amazon released last quarter earnings at the end of October, the cumulative increase in the stock of this year is about 31%, slightly higher than Apple’s stock rose over the same period. But now, Amazon’s stock this year, the cumulative increase has fallen to about 5%, while Apple shares rose by 19%. read more

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The report said China’s online shopping market reached 267 billion complaints rate fell

March 15th morning news, is looking forward to consulting today released the report said that in 2009 China’s total of 130 million consumers in the online purchase of $267 billion of goods, than in 2008 to achieve an increase of 90.7%. At the same time, the survey shows that online shopping satisfaction second only to large shopping malls and supermarkets, the complaint rate fell 27.5%.

report shows that in 2009 the amount of online shopping is equivalent to 2.1% of the total retail sales of social commodities, while in 2008 this figure was 1.3%. However, compared with developed countries, China’s online shopping penetration is still at a low level. Clothing, digital products and cosmetics are the best-selling products on the Internet, but also the most prone to disputes. read more

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Industry giant approach spoiler electronic commerce or greet the second spring

when the site frequently closed down caused by the haze has not yet dispersed, the Internet and the traditional business chain giant enthusiasm for e-commerce is heating up. He has been VC and PE are playing on the "bubble" and "excessive" footnote; the other side is the capital of Tencent, Suning and other hundreds of one billion. In 2012, the electronic commerce has become the most fiery Internet show.

Internet predators spoiler changed the pattern of

May 24th, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng announced that the Tencent will operate independently of the Tencent electric holding company invested $1 billion, to help Tencent to better build e-commerce service capabilities, build a new generation of electronic commerce platform. Meanwhile, the group president Liu Chiping served as chairman of the board of directors of Tencent electricity supplier. Prior to this, Baidu investment business platform cool cool day website has been closed. read more

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I’m going to talk about the small shop promotion experience

novice shop for several months, the most headache is still how to promote their own shop. Ha ha, the following is a summary of the method of peas, some stupid, mainly learn from their predecessors and their true promotion experience. Only pro reference, have a good experience can also share oh.


forum posting replies

posted in the forum post, also issued Haotie to haotie. Oh, here is mainly to explain the position of best replies. If there is a sofa that would be the first sitting, because other pro ZhuTie after watching the sofa can also see the basic replies. The second best replies I feel is the fifteenth floor of the replies, noticed in your reply, when writing replies box you can see is on the 15 floor of the replies. Haha, of course you be honest, no one replies irrigation. Ha ha, the level of peas in the community quickly to the champion, is not easy ah! read more

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Jingdong suppliers owed money for 13 months is refers to shop big bully

Jingdong mall once again suffered growing pains.

February 28th, an attachment to the electricity supplier network platform oil products suppliers, micro-blog platform to lead the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong mall war. The reason to force the supplier to launch an attack of Jingdong is the mall, said the mall Jingdong owed its suppliers for up to 13 months of sales.

this is not the first time involved in the dispute Jingdong mall zero dispute. In February 2012, another supplier in the same way, blame the Jingdong mall existence "shop" big bully phenomenon. At that time, the supplier accused Jingdong mall presence 4 overlord terms. read more

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Ali line sharp comments WeChat has been the old Jingdong imitation

According to

billion state power network that Alibaba group retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng (Britain) the CEIBS will share on personal perspective to interpret business model, and the views of the U.S. group, WeChat and Jingdong.

line, said Taobao’s success depends mainly on two factors: China’s unique manufacturing base and brand management of retail channels. He believes that the China huge manufacturing base to support the development of e-commerce, many in the industry, China than any country in the world species are rich, and the design and manufacture of new goods shelves, very fast. He pointed out that the new product is a very important factor in the conversion rate. read more

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My career in Rice

In October 2003 one day, after contact for half a month, began to have a strong interest in the domain name, domain name registration team decided to get involved in.Cn.

At the time of the famous

In love with

the beginning and no one will tell you is 4:30 down, so they can sacrifice a day’s time to master the exact time off, and then delete the CNNIC does not provide a detailed list of all can only rely on their own to collect a database. At that time, the main collection of popular words, keywords, 2 in English, numbers, etc..

the first night, simplify the registration process of the BIZCN, to reach the end, but haody is still grab. That’s what did. So in an accidental case, found the existence of a new network interconnection domain name can be registered to determine whether a loophole. This is to have the best business registration interface, after the war, has got a good domain name. In order to ensure the speed, I also called on a few friends together, the number, the number of computers are slowly increasing, the more the domain name will grab more. Later told them that the new network vulnerabilities, they fill up, engage in their own will no longer grab someone else (lack of experience, as long as they do not know). read more

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Billion cash on delivery market opportunity looms Alipay’s $500 million reached

billion in cash market who can win?

reporter Yin Jun Beijing reported

online shopping goods to choose payment, the buyer in the arrival of the credit card payment through the POS machine, the fastest T+1 days can be transferred to the account of the merchant B2C. This is Alipay recently launched POS logistics payment scheme.

data show that in 2011 China’s online shopping market B2C transaction size of 179 billion 110 million yuan. In B2C companies in the proportion of cash payment has accounted for 70%. This one of the great value to attract a large number of payment companies have been forced to pay the line, began fierce enclosure competition. read more

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Import electricity supplier double 11 Sea Amoy City swearing multi channel war

sixth double eleven, Ali inside in addition to Tmall, Taobao, aliexpress are also involved, including Tmall, Taobao global purchase international import and export business, aliexpress internationalization strategy has become a new hotspot. In this year, Ali, double eleven is also very lively, Jingdong,, Amazon and have entered the war, many imported electronic business platform also began swearing.

sea Amoy city official website launched the double 11 preemptive purchase activities read more

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Jingdong cooperation with China Unicom is expected to be a virtual operator license

[IT] Sohu news (Zhao Ziwen) in October 21st, according to informed sources, issued by the Ministry of virtual operators license with the latest progress of the Jingdong will reach a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom mobile resale business, is expected to become the first country to get mobile communications resale license of the enterprise, in addition, the Jingdong will not rule out a similar agreement with telecom and mobile.

according to a person in the Jingdong, in January of this year, Jingdong set up a special project team to apply for work, after several negotiations with several major operators, and ultimately signed a cooperation agreement with China unicom. It is understood that the first step is the first step in the application of mobile communications resale license and resale agreement signed by the basic operators, the second step by the basic operators to apply for a license issued to the Ministry of industry. read more

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O2O but it is more important to do catering to the concept of profit

  there is a fast food restaurant near the Alibaba in Hangzhou, the entire restaurant is only two 2-3 on the floor of the waiter, there is no menu does not receive silver, which let the grandson came to dinner Mr. Zhang is very difficult.

he consulted a waiter, the other said, to download a named Amoy little APP software, select the dishes in the above, and then scan the two-dimensional code on the table will be able to directly notify the kitchen orders. As for payment, the same is after dinner to sweep the two-dimensional code, you can use the Alipay checkout. read more

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The State Council regulation of Internet infringement and counterfeiting is the focus of Henzhao bus

November 8th, the general office of the State Council issued opinions on the management of Internet infringement and counterfeiting phenomenon, issued during the period of the eleven documents far-reaching significance. There are two main meanings: first, the infringement on the Internet, video infringement, copyright infringement, music infringement. The two is on the Internet is electronic business platform and selling fake products, of course, refers to the phenomenon of Jingdong, Taobao will become the focus of the fight against objects, especially Taobao market. Although the fake almost have experienced the disaster caused by flooding water, a time of self rectification, but did not play an immediate effect. Electronic business platform must have the relevant departments to monitor, otherwise it will be difficult to complete the self purification, fake and scalping phenomenon is still relatively common. read more

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I bought domain name or push the new business platform

August 2nd news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) in August 2nd, according to sources, VANCL recently from the domain name investors bought the domain name, the specific transaction amount is unknown.

according to the sources, the current domain name has been transferred to the Eslite company name, but not yet officially opened. The transaction value of the domain name and the specific use is unknown.

According to the insiders

domain analysis, can be understood as "commoner", "cloth" and "buy I (for me)", VANCL could build e-commerce web sites through this domain. read more

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Royal Anber build China’s first amber electricity supplier trading platform

2014 in the jewelry industry can be described as a special year, amber raw material prices soaring, the industry known as amber. In this year, the birth of a number of new jewelry companies. These emerging enterprises may obscure in the jewelry industry, but in some special consumer groups, has made remarkable achievements, great reputation. For a peek at the maturing of amber jewelry business, the Sohu reporter interviewed a number of issues with the representative enterprise the "Royal Anber" Mr. Rao Min CEO. read more

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