Sofa mattress ten brands list

good sofa, the price for the expensive bed, but if you want to have a comfortable experience, nature also needs a variety of high-quality sofa mattress with. Because of the current market demand, the entire sofa mattress market has been very rich, the number of brands is countless. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the sofa mattress ten brands list, so that people have a better understanding of the industry.

sofa mattress ten brands list NO.1,


energy-saving to "promote healthy sleep" famous, has won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "China famous brand" title, general Hilton, Wan Hao, Radisson, Sheraton Hotel and the Great Hall of the people, the National Theatre and the mattress are Xilinmen mattress Xilinmen mattress, visible high quality and have visibility is worthy of the trust of consumers. Sherman, an annual production of nearly 1 million mattresses, but also produces soft mattress and ancillary products, efficient production and marketing network to speed gradually become the representative Chinese Xilinmen mattress mattress industry brand.

sofa mattress top ten brands NO.2, mousse

mousse mattress mattress industry is also not only is the sleep industry, sleep is the integration of resources, it will be the human engineering and sleep environment into the mattress design, through the external mattress to maximize the promotion of people’s sleep. Mousse mattress is the fastest developing speed China mattress brand, the development speed that range is wide consumer acceptance, let people sleep better is the mousse mattress business has the mission, currently there are more than 1 thousand and 600 Mu Si mattress store.

sofa mattress list of the top ten brands of NO.3, nature mattress

is the nature of plant fiber mattress mattress, mattress, its products throughout the hotel, tourism, medical students, the suite, plant fiber mattress industry nature already has a number of patents and property rights, the first nature mattress production in 1990 now users are still using. Years of development constantly, let nature take long repair has been short, now has a dream, fantasy, mood, mood, a big brown mattress throughout the five series of products based system, in the future, nature will continue to launch new mattress product system to meet market demand more and more diversified.

sofa mattress ten brands list NO.4, Slumberland

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English Slumberland comfortable sleeping place, the founder of the brand was founded at the beginning of the user is to produce the most suitable sleep mattress. Slumberland has been founded 96 years of history, production, sales in the more than and 100 countries and regions at present. In 2000, Slumberland mattresses on the bed.


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