Retail stores into the purchase can not offside

retail stores if you want a hot business, naturally also need to grasp more industry operating standards, so that the operation of the store will have a greater help. And want to let the retail business booming development, into the purchase of natural offside. The purchase is not offside, these retailers in the business, consciously strengthen law and regulations of knowledge learning, which has a strong sense of law and regulations in mind.

they are in business, consciously purchase goods into the "crooked ways", and not to engage in law have been disciplined, do not offside. In other words, these retailers adhere to the legal norms, adhere to the bottom line of social morality, in the purchase of goods from the formal channels to purchase, strict quality of goods.

to tell the truth, in the popularity of money worship today, retail households can do not buy into the offside is very valuable. In reality there are some retailers, always thinking about how to maximize their own interests, and they are always thinking about how to reduce the cost of goods, how to increase the sales income and so on.

and legal consciousness, the social morality businesses will often Zoupian Jian Feng, ignore national laws and regulations, ignoring the interests of consumers, with inferior charge, so as to deceive consumers. For example, cigarette sales, or repurchase, making and selling fake smoke really, smuggling, ignoring the existence of the "tobacco monopoly law". It should be said that this is a typical experience in the purchase offside phenomenon". It should be said that this "offside" is very dangerous, the consequences are very terrible.

as a retail business in order to make their own business is booming, it is necessary to enter the purchase is not offside". Must not be because of a small profit, while ignoring the long-term interests. Otherwise is to pick up the sesame seeds lost watermelon, not only uneconomical, and may also pay the economic and legal costs.

retailer Sun Can: retailers to purchase is not offside, so we must conscientiously study relevant legal knowledge of law. I have been in the retail business for 20 years, and for the past 20 years, I have always insisted on doing so. Although sometimes indicates that eating a little loss, but because of the purchase of goods into the channels of formal, quality assurance. Even if the quality of individual products are not qualified, then we and businesses are also very good representations,

at the same time, they will consciously abide by the professional ethics, can take the initiative and positive attitude to help solve the problem, to the satisfaction of the consumer response or a satisfactory solution. It is precisely because they have always insisted that the purchase is not offside, so for so many years in my business to achieve a zero complaint of quality of goods, which is very rare, but also the basis of consumer trust me. It is not surprising that my business is booming.

, if it’s just for the sake of a small profit, "take the risk", this will be the entire retail store is placed on the tip of the risk, the long-term development of the retail store


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