Green Innovation Board listed in Shenyang to help business

today’s College Students’ entrepreneurship has become the main force of the whole society, the business at the same time, the country and the government is very concerned about a series of College Students’ entrepreneurial activity of entrepreneurs, recently the gem youth service platform is established in Shenyang.

What is called "

Innovation Board

"a board" by the provincial Party committee, the provincial government finance office jointly promote the Liaoning equity trading center, has been set up in the "financing trading board" multi-level service sector basis, jointly opened.

"innovation board is dedicated to the young entrepreneurs and start-up of growth type enterprise. Relying on the equity trading system of Liaoning equity trading center, through the introduction of capital market forces, as well as the intention of start-up enterprises and projects to provide financing channels and development platform in line with its characteristics.

What kind of enterprises can be listed:

officially opened, the League Committee will promote all levels of "customers" award-winning start-ups, key support organizations and enterprises in succession in "green innovation board listed. Has been registered in the business sector as "limited liability company" or "stock company" (inclusive) above the level of all types of business competition project (provincial venture into the semifinals, former municipal third-prize enterprise), can apply for   Green Innovation Board listed.

listing have what strength?

in QingChuang board listed companies need to be within a year profit of over one million, operating income of over 20 million of the companies in recent two years. And the company’s net assets of not less than 5 million yuan, operating income of not less than $5 million in the last 12 months. In addition, the enterprise should belong to the municipal (including) above the government and relevant departments to support the development of the document clearly the industry or industry, the last 12 months a good bank loan records or professional investment institutions.

In fact, for a


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